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>>>The Kibale Primates & Plants Project (KPPP) has a new Project Manager, Richard Mutegeki, seen here with Joanna at the Makerere Biological Field Station in Kibale National Park, Uganda.  Richard has a BSc in Environmental Science and Diploma in Forestry from Makerere University and manages all data collection in the field.  We are very lucky to have him working with the project!


>>>>In 2015 Joanna Lambert was inducted as a Fellow into the Linnean Society of London (established 1788) (see photo below with Linnean Society President, Professor Dianne Edwards CBE, after signing the charter).  The Linnean Society is the world’s oldest active society dedicated to natural history, named after Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus (1707–1778) whose botanical, zoological and library collections have been in its keeping since 1829.  Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace first proposed the theory of Natural Selection in their joint paper at the Linnean Society in 1858



>>>> In 2015, while Joanna was still at the University of Texas – San Antonio, she was awarded the University of Texas President’s Award for Distinguished Research. This award is to recognize, encourage and reward faculty who have conducted a sustained program of high-quality, high-impact research that has translated into national and international recognition and has made a substantial contribution to the faculty member’s field.

.President's Award small

>>>> Joanna Lambert is an elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, and in that capacity has just been elected (November 2014) as Steering Committee Member-at-Large of Section H (Anthropology)

>> Joanna Lambert received the 2014 Distinguished Alumni Award from Northern Illinois University. Joanna received her B.S. (Anthropology and Biology) and M.S. (Biological Anthropology) from NIU before continuing her PhD work at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Biological Anthropology) and her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Florida (Zoology). See link for more information: 

>> Lab member Jenna Bonavia was recently awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Grant (GRF2013163897 | Advisor/coPI JE Lambert) amounting to $132,000 for her research on Climate Change and its Implications for Plant Nutrient Content and Primate Diet (2013 – 2018).  She is working with Joanna in Kibale National Park, Uganda   small-nsf-logo

>> Lab member Martha Lyke published “A molecular analysis of African lion mating structure and extra-group paternity in Etosha National Park” in the journal Molecular Ecology (2013) 22(10):2787-96. Within a day, it was written up in the New Scientist!  Check it out:


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