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Day 3: Pronghorn and Winter Ecology

Excerpt from Built for Speed: North America’s fastest mammal, the pronghorn can accelerate explosively from a standing start to a top speed of 60 miles per hour—but it can also cruise at 45 miles per hour for many miles. What accounts for the speed of this extraordinary animal, a denizen of the American outback, and

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Soda Butte Creek

Day 2: Wolves in Yellowstone

Today’s agenda: wolves. The class got a bright and early start to make the most of our time with Nathan Varley and Linda Thurston, two wildlife biologists in the region. Nathan was among the first volunteer field interns hired after the reintroduction of wolves in 1995. He and Linda met when she joined the Yellowstone

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Day 1: Yellowstone Orientation

It was our first morning at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch, and the students and teaching team were teeming with excitement. We started the day off with a gourmet breakfast, and settled in for lectures that would orient the students to the Yellowstone Ecosystem. The 18 students all come from fairly diverse backgrounds at the University of Colorado, with

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Arriving in Yellowstone

My arrival to Yellowstone National Park yesterday afternoon did not disappoint. The skies were blue and welcoming as I drove through the Roosevelt Archway, en route to the Lamar Buffalo Ranch. The bison were plentiful; I must have passed hundreds of them on my short drive in. Various raptors swooped through the air in search of prey, and

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Ecology and Adaptation in Yellowstone

Introducing Melanie Hill, Yellowstone Social Media Liaison & Guest Blogger Melanie Hill is a Media & Public Engagement MA Candidate at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her thesis work explores how the use of community engagement and visual storytelling can reduce negative interactions between humans and black bears in Boulder, CO. Melanie is joining the field

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