Lambert Lab and Working Group

Current Postdocs and Graduate Students

Former Postdocs and Graduate Students

>> Advisor or committee member for: 14 completed PhD degrees | 11 MSc | multiple Honors theses

>> Inza Kone, Postdoc, PhD, Postdoc Research: Diana guenons and the western red colobus in the Tai National Park, Cote d’Ivoire. Currently: Lecturer of Zoology at University of Cocody and 2009 Recipient of the Global Future for Nature Award, granted by IUCN and presented by Sir David Attenborough and 2012 Whitley Award 

Key Collaborators

Dr. Jessica Rothman, CUNY – Hunter College & NYCEP
Dr. Adam Hartstone-Rose, University of South Carolina
Dr. Vivek Fellner, North Carolina State University
Dr. Jerry Jacka, University of Colorado – Boulder
Dr. Colin Chapman, McGill University
Dr. Thomas T. Struhsaker, Duke University  

Field Project Manager

Richard Mutegeki
BSc, Environmental Science, Makerere University
Diploma, Forestry

Field Assistance