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Suffering is not uniquely human

Read this gorgeous, enlightening story (What Does a Parrot Know about PTSD, by Charles Siebert) and you’ll never look at birds and mammals in the same way. Simply put, PTSD is not unique to humans. An excerpt: “Though the avian cerebrum possesses only the tiniest nub of the structures associated with mammalian intelligence, recent studies of crows and

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Why don’t opossums get any respect?

I’ve always been dismayed at how much humans living in the US deplore opossums (Didelphis virginianus).  I don’t understand this.  They are, evolutionarily speaking, true survivors – the only marsupial species that remains in the US from the magnificent marsupial radiation that occurred in the North American continent some 60 – 70 million years ago.

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The irony of antipathy to resilient animal species

Check out my most recent blog – published on the Journal for Environment and Society‘s blog site: Lambert, Joanna E. 2016. “Regeneration of Human-Modified Landscapes and the Irony of Antipathy toward Resilient Animal Species.” EnviroSociety. 19 January.  Please like & share:

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