• Why Forests Need Animals

    Why Forests Need Animals

    We explore how primates and other mammals shape forest regeneration through seed dispersal

  • You Are What You Eat

    You Are What You Eat

    We investigate the nutritional ecology, feeding biology, gut microbiome & digestive physiology of primates and carnivora

  • Field Team 2014

    Field Team 2014

    Our work is a collaborative effort among field and laboratory scientists


Joanna E. Lambert is a professor at the University of Colorado – Boulder. Joanna’s current overarching concerns center on species interactions, coexistence, and resilience in the Anthropocene.  Her research program is oriented by the fundamental realities that all animals must eat, that how animals meet their nutritional and energetic needs shapes their interactions and coexistence with other species, including humans, and that species interactions and how animals make a living are undergoing an unprecedented rate of change given the Great Acceleration of transformation occurring on our planet.  With this in mind, Joanna and her team investigate the feeding biology of wild primates and carnivores using an integrative field and laboratory data set on animal behavior and ecology, physiology, genetics, nutritional chemistry, animal interactions with humans, and human attitudes towards animals in varying anthropogenic landscapes.


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